ALBUM: Part Nails ‘You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here’

Party Nails sophomore album You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here is a poignant 12-track indie electronic album focusing on themes such as alcohol addiction, family and the thrilling atmosphere of nightlife. The authentic offering features candid songs touching on the struggles we face in our lives and the journey to conquer them.

Opening the album with “Yours To Take”,  Party Nails expresses how important it is to discover your true potential.  Highlighting warm vocals atop glistening acoustic guitars, Party Nails sings “To live with love, to dream out loud, to be weird proudly. But I can’t give you that because it’s yours to take.” The hope is that one day the subject of the song will come out of hiding and be fearless in revealing their true self.

An album favourite is the feminist track “Cut To Bleed”. Made for her first record, but instead placed on this current project, it is a song that resonates with all females. An empowering anthem of menstruating women, “Cut To Bleed” focuses on how powerful it is that women can create life but at the same time be mistreated again and again. Party Nails confides, “Our blood is actually the blood of life…. This song is about that power, exhaustion, confusion, knowledge and human experience.” She shines light on the true beauty of our bodies and its processes, while also showing how we can be taken advantage of for that power.

Perhaps the most commercially accessible track is “Effexor”. The single is a mid-tempo banger detailing how humanity longs for escapism.  With electronic instrumentation, fiery vocals and infectious melodies, “Effexor” is reminicist to Party Nails earlier releases.  

Party Nails (Elana Belle Carroll) has honed her craft from an early age, playing open mic nights in her hometown of Chatham, New York and learning production at just 17. A move to Los Angeles proved fruitful for the singer as she steadily achieved success. Supporting major acts as well as writing and recording vocals for Battle Tapes and MitiS she is making her mark on Southern California’s music scene. Take a listen to her highly personal album You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here.