ALBUM REVIEW: The Rifles “Love Your Neighbour”

Just shy of eight years since the release of their last album ”Big Life” and a lifetime ago since the sizzling debut “No Love Lost”, The Rifles return with an album that is filled with enough Brit Pop nostalgia to brighten the summer with some much needed sunshine.

It kicks off with the perky upbeat stomping “The Kids Won’t Stop” we hear the woes of having a Million and one bills to pay and the weather man telling’ me it’s going to rain again. “Days Of Our Lives” is a happy go lucky number reminiscing on easier times, looking back and wondering where did all the time go.

“Mr Sunflower” is a jangly joyous number that you can see going down well live at gigs and the same could be said for The Lightning Seeds esque “There Is My Heart”. The stand-out track “Fall Apart” with it’s great slide guitar is a mid tempo gem that deserves a longer running time.

The hardcore fans will be happy with “Love Your Neighbour” although it might not reach the peaks of “No Love Lost” or “Great Escape” but there is enough here to check out. The album does not break any new ground but it does not out stay it’s welcome either, It’s inoffensive Power pop, Brit-pop and 3 minute tunes that get in your head, yet to see if they’ll still be in your head in a week or so though.

The perfect combo to these bouncy tunes would be a cheeky lager, so if you like the Band and a cheeky tipple, then check out the new Signature brew x The Rifles lager where there will be a evening to celebrate the launch of the album on July 5th, Blackhorse Rd, Unit 15 Walthamstow E17 SJQ.

Words by Stephen Jones