ALBUM: The Wombats – ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’

Since coming into our lives and capturing our hearts with their debut album all the way back in 2007, Scouse gods of indie-pop The Wombats are back and bigger than we’ve ever seen them before. Their last album Glitterbug was full of huge chorus’, interesting synths and triggers, but on their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, we see a more mature side to The Wombats, bringing down the tempo while still getting us hooked to their melodies.

Opening with physch-pop banger ‘Cheetah Tongue’, it sets an amazing tone for the rest of the record – “I cut off my head and my Cheetah tongue”, Matthew Murphy hasn’t gone easy with the odd yet brilliant lyrics that got us sucked into these guys in the first place. You almost hear the crowds at their live shows going crazy while listening to this track. As soon as I heard this record I couldn’t help thinking about the strong elements of dance within it, sonically I think it sounds quite like Drake, especially on lead single ‘Turn’ and ‘Out of my Head’.

One song that caught my ears was ‘Dip you in Honey’, with its hooky Temples-esque guitar line that gets you roped in from the outset, and if I’m honest why wouldn’t you want to listen to a song called ‘Dip you in Honey’? Also, the chorus on this track hits hard, the lyric – ‘Baby, we were made out of sunshine’ really gets in your head.

BPWRYL is one of those albums where you can just tell sounds unbelievable live. Overall this is an incredibly strong record, it doesn’t re-invent the wheel by any means, but if you’re looking from some well-crafted indie-pop to quench your thirst then this album will fill you up just nicely.

The Wombats will be touring the UK in the coming months and are set to appear at most of the major festivals. If you get the chance to see these guys this year, you won’t regret it.

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Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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