EP: False Heads – ‘Less Is Better’


False Heads are making noise.  Their EP Less Is Better is a gritting force of raw energy, frenzied guitar, tumultuous drums and bass lines that are borderline seductive.

The band have received continual support from legend Iggy Pop (who said: “They are young, talented and going places if they came to my town I’d show up for that.”)  well as former Ramones manager, Danny Fields.  The boys deserve their praise from such iconic names; their wild energy and displayable passion, mental live performances and recorded music prove it.


Their EP may be a journey through grunge and manic guitar riffs but the trio is one of the most disciplined and determined bands around.

The London trio released ‘Yellow’ ahead of Less Is Better to enchant their fans into wanting more. Melodically, the track is arguably the strongest on the EP.  The riffs throughout are memorable enough that you catch yourself humming them days later. The same goes for the chorus, a repetition of ‘The less I know’ combined with harmonies and backing vocals –  infectious beyond belief.

‘Help Yourself’ is one of the songs that proves that False Heads are more than a thrashing cluster of madness. Frontman, Luke Griffiths, has a recognisable voice that plays a huge part in making their music so distinctively ‘them’. However, ‘Help Yourself’ sees Griffith taking a welcoming softer approach.  We just cannot get enough.

A song that is already much beloved, ‘Retina’ is the third track on the EP. Known from its previous release as a single with an acoustic B side, ‘Retina’ is already a strong audience favourite. As soon as the bass kicks in at one of their shows you can immediately feel the recognition and excitement from the audience.

‘Wrap Up’, ironically closes the collection with a neat bow. Jake Elliot’s bass in this song makes us instantly excited while Nash’s drums at the end will simply blow your brain. A brief solo that will have your head spinning is only made more epic by a sudden rush of madness from guitar and bass, rounds the EP off to a perfect ending of beautifully controlled chaos.


Holly Beson-Tams

Holly Beson-Tams

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