EP: Laura Doggett ‘Into The Glass’


For too long now, it has seemed the music industry has revolved around interchangeable vocalists, regurgitating stars whose careers last as long as a Mayfly’s time on earth. However, a British singer-songwriter from Bath has seemed to have fragmented this never ending sonic puzzle. Laura Doggett expertly controls her music with ethereal yet commanding vocal deliveries. The four track EP, Into The Glass, is filled with heart-felt emotion throughout, with powerful lyrical content entwined with deep and dark musical movements.

The opening title track contrasts from the rest of the EP, sounding truly nineties, with a thumping Amen Break coated in gyrating synth lines. This contrast does not pull this EP apart – it supports, structuring towards a big opening track. ‘Beautiful Undone’ and ‘Eskimo Twist’ fill the centre two tracks on this EP. These powerful and emotional tracks are occupied with intricate guitar melodies, melancholic piano passages and droning string lines. ‘Eskimo Twist’ shows Doggett’s eloquent vocal delivery, contrasting from low intimate melodies to high hitting, silvery executing notes. This wide vocal range textures the tracks with grand stacked lead lines and supporting harmonies.

Along with the elegant and lugubrious music, is a wash of blissful production qualities, creating spacious mixes, making the overall listening experience truly impressive. These production qualities knit together a very trip-hop aesthetic to its existing acoustic backdrop, constructing an iridescent coloured texture. The final track, ‘Night Girl’, brings the introduction of twenty one year old singer Alice Jemima, whose alluring voice jumps out at you when made present. This collaboration of both Jemima and Doggett gives a blissful end to captivating EP, delivering its meaningful experience.

This EP strays from the usual singer songwriter path, giving a sense of originality back into an industry that continually produces one trick ponies. Yet this EP seems dark, it bursts with ripe material, colouring the sonic atmosphere with delicate and graceful content.

Into The Glass is out now via Sony Music.

Warren Allett


Warren Allett

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