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Ahead of Live At Leeds this weekend, FEHM follow High Tyde as the second band to treat us to their guide for the festival, featuring some festival top tips, and ideal festival bill and their picks for Live at Leeds…

How would you describe your sound?
CV WAVE – a combination of post-punk, goth, industrial, synth-wave & pop.

What are your festival essentials?
Toblerone, a sack of cans,  Sterling duals and 7 lighters, cheese savouries from Asda, a bag of tangy oranges and for our kid (Chris, the drummer), some Aldi Pringles (cos he loves em) and 2 bottles of Factor 50 as he pretty much burnt his entire head to a crisp sitting in the sun at Bluedot last year, we’re playing Bluedot this year and don’t want to miss our slot due to a sun-inflicted injury.

Who would be on your ideal festival bill, to play alongside?
Cocteau Twins to reform and play this imaginary festival we’ve somehow been given the power to curate. PLUS:

Depeche Mode / New Order / Radiohead / Alex Cameron / Nine Inch Nails / Kendrick Lamar / Preoccupations / Angel Olsen / Nick Cave / Amen Dunes / Grace Jones / Drab Majesty / Molly Nilsson / The KVB / Mattiel / Four Tet / The Blaze. To come and play at 4 AM. Owweeeeee

We actually really like listening to new music too. We’re all going to a festival in Italy (Beaches Brew) where we didn’t really know any bands on the lineup and we’re really glad to be seeing new stuff we otherwise might not have checked out.

Who should we see at Live At Leeds?

1 – FEHM. You’d be mad to miss it, every song we play. We’re on at dinner time at the Brudenell as we’re also playing Newcastle the same day for Hit The North, so come, come.

2 – The Horrors. Because they’re mint. Every. Single. Song.

3 – whenyoung. We played with them in London at Oslo a month or so ago when we were on tour, really lovely people, great band.

4 – Hayley Henderickx – ‘Oom sha la la’. Her voice.

5 – Magick Mountain – Leeds band, featuring people from other Leeds bands  – PABH, Sky Larkin and Menace Beach. Go see em.

6 – Nadine Shah – ‘Evil’ Her lyrics discuss some of the most important issues of the moment – the refugee crisis, Islamaphobia, the rise of fascism. She’s an important voice to have in music. She’s also funny as fuck.




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