Interview: Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons may have been quiet on the front of new music recently but they’re certainly back. Their fresh music “Problems” is the first taste of their long awaited forthcoming second album alongside a string of intimate gigs.

We got the chance to have a chat with the boys to discuss favourite memories, their songwriting process and their next album.

Firstly, what’s being going on with Sunset Sons since your last string of dates with Nothing But Thieves?

We had such a great time on the road with NBT – Ally Pally especially was epic. After the tour, we spent some much needed time with family and friends and then it was back to work! We’ve been busy writing, DJ-ing and of course, getting everything together for our new singles Problems and Say Hi.

Are you excited for your string of intimate dates this June? What have you got planned for those sold out shows?

We’re dead excited for the tour, it’s been too long since we were last out. It’s so cool that the shows sold out so quickly – our fans are amazing. The atmosphere’s gonna be incredible. The new tunes sound banging and we can’t wait to play them for everyone. Time to get out there!

You’ve recently releasedProblemswhat’s the reaction been like towards that?

The reaction to Problems was brilliant. It’s the first new music we’ve put out for a while and you never know what to expect when releasing a new tune but our fans are loving it. We’re looking forward to getting more and more music out this year.

When can we expect the next album?

Our album is all finished, finally! We took our time but we had to get it right. We’re gonna get a few more singles out and then release it later this year. Everyone has been very patient with us – we never planned on taking so long to finish the album – promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Is there anything specific you can tell us about your songwriting process?

Songwriting is a strange thing. Inspiration can come at any time but it’s normally at the most random times – in the shower, on the toilet, eating in a restaurant. You immediately want to stop what you’re doing and start recording.

What’s your favourite memory in music so far? 

We’ve been very fortunate to have so many good memories in our career so far, but a packed out John Peel Stage at Glasto has got to be up there. Our tour manager told us it was dead before we went on because we were on so early. But then we walked onstage and saw the crowd. That tent went off that day at 12 o’clock.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Our music has definitely evolved. We produce all our own demos and enjoy trying different things. We’re proud of tunes on the first EP but I think now, we’re more honest in our lyrics. There will always be the fun tunes, but it’s fun to write from the heart too.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band so far?

As any band will know, there are many ups and downs. Touring for years definitely tests friendships but we love it and we’re ready to hit the road again with a bunch of new tunes that need to be heard.

What’s next for Sunset Sons?

Come to one of the gigs and find out…!