Introducing Interview: The Vultures

The recipients of the Best Alternative Act at the Exposure Music Awards 2013/2014 were The Vultures, the multinational London-based sextet, at the forefront of their game. Residing within a genre described as ‘neogothic altpop’, which sees the band choosing to amalgamate typical instrument choices with both the cello and violin, The Vultures are something exceedingly special – a band to keep hawk-eyes upon in 2015. Gigslutz took time out to chat to the band about cock, balls and chicken…

For readers who are hearing your sounds for the first time, who are The Vultures?

Musical adventurers.

The sextet in total originates from five different countries, how did you all manage to meet each other and become a London-based band?

We all live in London, and we met at the local bingo hall.

Who are the band influenced by mainly?

Serge Gainsburg.

Your debut album Three Mothers Part I is set to be released on January 26th. Could you explain some key ideology behind the album?

Ideology? I guess we wanted to do an honest album that was played live. We recorded it with a producer called Nick Taylor at Air-Edel studios in Baker Street in two days. He mainly records strings for film soundtracks.

What reaction are you expecting the public to have to your ‘neogothic altpop’ sounds on the album?

Not sure…

When playing live shows, what kind of atmosphere does The Vultures sound create and what kind of people does it attract?

Not sure… Crowds normally look drunk at the gigs.

As 2015 is a fresh start,  what are The Vultures’ immediate plans to start this year off with a bang?

Finish off writing the next album and do some more videos.  Also a bit of touring and festivals.

Who would be your dream supergroup?

Warwick Davis and Mark E. Smith. Maybe doing a Proclaimers covers act.

Can the UK expect to see The Vultures at any point live in 2015, are there any UK tour plans already in motion?

So far we have The Sebright Arms in London booked on 13th Febuary. More TBC.

The Vultures: could you  give us three words to describe the beginning of your world domination?

Cock, Balls, Chicken.

And, finally, desert island disc: what album could you not live without?

Scott 4.


Sound like your cup of tea? Take a listen to The Vultures’ album, Three Mothers Part 1:


And, if you like what you hear, find tickets for their gig at The Sebright Arms here. 

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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