LISTEN: Celestial North shares new track, ‘When The Gods Dance’

Celestial North shares ‘When The Gods Dance’ out May 5th, the first in a series of Bandcamp Friday singles leading up to the release of her debut album this Autumn.

A folklore tale of rapturous sounds enchant as multi-instrumentalist Celestial North is inspired by the mystery of her surrounding wilderness at her home in the Lake District. She creates layers of sound as she reaches into the primordial spirit of folklore, inspired by and an acceptance of the offerings of life, which she describes as:

“Like a tug of war between euphoria and devastation – as above, so below. It’s ethereal maximalism gone viking”.  

The sounds are both organic and orchestral, evolving sound in an iridescent dream patchwork of beguiling and ethereal sounds, lyrically an unravelling of thoughts and phrases reach out for meaning, in hopes and visions, glistening with light in the darkness and filled with optimistic energy.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Celestial North can be found wandering south of the border in Kendal where she now lives with her family, surrounded by fells and the beauty of nature. Her Scottish roots are anchored in her music and her love of wilderness, mystery and the spirit of the Beltane is evident in her songs.

Influenced by her Scottish roots, Celestial North became interested in experimenting with different recording techniques and more unusual and primitive instruments. Hours and hours were spent with her husband, co-producer and chief drummer Woody, recording blocks of ice being hit, or chains being banged inside buckets, or storms passing over their old stone house on the hill. A dulcimer, a Bodhran drum and a piano were gifted to them during lockdown which had a huge impact on the sounds being created at home.

Have a listen to the new track here. Available on bandcamp Friday, from May 5.