LISTEN: Felid returns with new track ‘Blame’

Bristol based artist Felid releases new alt-pop track Blame

Produced in his downtime on a hotel night shift, the electronic pop producer fuses lush textures, electronics, synths, amongst crunching striding beats. The alluring vocals reaching out to understand the dynamics of a recent relationship.

Reminiscent of a night time’s cluncking and clattering beats, the hissing and buzzing of the hotel’s internal organism awakes, as the hustle of night people disperse. The hotel quietly sleeps amongst the background noises and whirrring of the hushed raw sounds of the hotel’s lights, bar and fridges fusing into the night, where Felid constructs his sound.

“I got a job working nights at a hotel. Once I’d finished the stuff I needed to do I had time to create, before getting the place ready for the next shift. This track came from one of those nights. I remember it fell together pretty quickly and I had to try not to get too excited because I was on CCTV and would look crazy. That happened with a few tracks actually, and it made long night shifts and getting home at 8am completely worthwhile.”