LISTEN: Lowla – ‘Those Days Are Gone’

Ahead of the release of their new EP at the end of this month, denim-clad pop duo Lowla have now shared a brand new track.

A slight step away from their previous, twinkling, uptempo releases, ‘Those Days Are Gone’ is rather more sentimental in tone; the story of a broken relationship and the inner conflict that comes with it, it’s strewn with an endearing, honest emotion whilst managing to maintain Lowla’s trademark ’90s-inspired charm. Chanelling the likes of the legendary All Saints, ‘Those Days Are Gone’ proves that Lowla are capable of creating heartfelt ballads as well as the most danceable of pop anthems.

Listen to ‘Those Days Are Gone’ here:

Walls, the new EP from Lowla, is out 30 September via DIY.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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