LISTEN: Richard Jahn, ‘Private Members Club’

Richard Jahn demonstrates some slick production skills and karate style dance moves in new track, Private Members Club.  The track highlights class divides, reflected in the rise of the private members club, as Jahn attempts to gate-crash his way in.

We enter into the bizarre world of Richard Jahn, who has recently decamped to a farm in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by over 100 life size elephant sculptures, where he is currently handcrafting his own 1500m hideaway studio from raw pinewood. Private Members Club was produced in a shipping container in a West London junkyard with band mates Bill The Boy and Provhat Rahman, with a mission in mind.

Jahn explains: “I suppose I have a penchant for modern crooneristic tendencies and I want to reflect, and discuss, the strange times we are living in – that’s really my goal with songwriting,”

Private Members Club, combines pulsating minimalist techtronic beats, almost reduced to a synth pop whisper, an occasional electro flourish and a swish of guitar, as Jahn’s rich crooning lush vocals swoon overhead, ‘they’re trying to separate us like chalk and cheese – don’t let ‘em please, don’t let em…’

The video is directed by Charlie Rose and infused with humour around the subject. Jahn demonstrates some contemporary dance style manoeuvres, as he plans his way into this private world. At last he wins the security team over with his bizarre and enthralling dance moves, which eventually win him entry into the club, as the track synchronises perfectly with his arrival in this exclusive party, confetti streaming and incredible horn section.