LISTEN: Seafoam Green share new single ‘Swimming In The Paint’

Seafoam Green’s sophomore album ‘Martin’s Garden’ was released in June to huge critical acclaim including 8/10 from Classic Rock Magazine and a glowing 4-star review from MOJO who described it as ‘a near faultless album’.

Produced by Tedeschi Trucks Band’s Tyler Greenwell, the album is a colourful melting pot of Americana, rock, folk and psychedelia with Seafoam Green’s and own musical identity, by way of their Irish & Liverpool roots, fully stamped over it. The album is available to now on CD, vinyl or download here

Seafoam Green’s next single from the album, is perhaps the most eclectic and exciting yet. ‘Swimming In The Paint’ is an instantly loveable quirky slice of psychedelic pop driven by a groovy organ with the distinctive swirling fun machine keyboard/clav sounds of Spencer Pope colliding beautifully with the band’s vocal harmonies. It’s a pure retro throwback that never sounded so fresh.

On the new single the band said, “’Swimming in the Paint’ narrates the daily ups and downs of our human experience through a kaleidoscope of colour. We all have different associations towards certain shades and this is an attempt at articulating some of our own. We ponder the strive towards ‘uniqueness’ and the ’perfect’ scenario.”

If you weren’t aware of Seafoam Green yet, now is the time to get your ears on their music. Combining the best of the old with the best of the new, they are a quality outfit, serious about continuing to make a mark on the music world. Just follow the lyrics to ‘Swimming In The Paint’ and you’ll hear the band work through the colour spectrum and paint out a lucid dream acid-trip that tantalises the senses and satisfies the soul.