LIVE: DMA’S @ Rock City, Nottingham 7.12.23

Review and Photography by Jonathan Taylor

Instagram: jonathantaylorphotography

Following the release of their 4th studio album, ‘How Many Dreams?’ DMA’S make a welcomed return to British soil and round up a busy year with a 10 date UK tour.

We join the Aussie trio on the third night of the tour at a sold-out Rock City in Nottingham.  The venue is predictably packed early doors, with jovial revellers chanting the obligatory “D. D. D. DMA’S” to an empty stage in anticipation of the band’s arrival. With just three albums and a couple of E.P’s under their belts, DMA’S have established a loyal and dedicated fan base and tonight’s  crowd in the venue spans the generations, which is testament to the band’s ability, in terms of their musical prowess and creativity.

DMA’S take to the stage and the set opens to guitar driven ‘Olympia’. Though a track from their latest album, it is clearly already a fan favourite, which is celebratory in sound and has the crowd bouncing in unison singing every word back to the stage. Up next is the ‘The Glow’, the title track from the bands third album which is followed by the explosive ‘Timeless’. ’Get Ravey’ off their latest release gets an airing and sounds perfectly at home along with the classics from the DMA’S back catalogue.

Up next is ‘Something We Are Overcoming’, followed by ‘Emily Whyte’ which is a much-welcomed return to the set list.  As always, ‘Silver’ is an absolute delight and again sees the crowd with arms aloft, singing every word back to the stage.

From start to finish the evening is an anthemic masterclass, which draws on the band’s back catalogue, with the likes of ‘Tape deck Sick’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Straight Dimensions’. There are the obligatory heavier periods with fan favourites ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Feels like 37’, but in stark contrast are the more tender moments with the likes of ‘In the Air’ and ‘Step Up The Morphine’ where front man Tommy O’ Dell overwhelms with his silk like vocals.

DMA’S have been truly embraced by fans on British soil and are fast becoming one of the driving forces in the tapestry of the UK music scene. The new material marks yet another departure in terms of musical creativity and evolvement and it weaves perfectly electronic dance layers seamlessly with the bands trademark guitar-based foundations which sounds perfectly at home with the bands back catalogue. The evening captured the absolute joy, spirit, and energy of DMA’S, where, on a frosty December night, fans of the band spent the evening united and galvanised by music.

Set List:


‘The Glow’


‘Get Ravey’

‘Something We Are Overcoming’

‘Emily Whyte’

‘In The Air’

‘Straight Dimensions’

‘Fading Like a Picture’


‘Tape Deck Sick’


‘Feels Like 37’


‘Step Up The Morphine’

‘Lay Down’

Everybody’s saying Thursdays The Weekend’