LIVE: infinite bisous @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 17.10.17

When listening to the cool blues of infinite bisous in your own space, it breathes a kind of calm that allows you to transcend into total peace of mind and ultimate relaxation. Perhaps it is therefore no wonder that this proved difficult to translate within the context of a public space. There is only one way to listen to infinite bisous: you, alone; and the music. Consequently, removing such a distinguishing atmosphere and replacing an isolated space with a room full of flamboyant hipsters that haven’t walked into a chain store since they were twelve, can only result in the performance becoming rather a parody of itself.

It’s no secret that infinite bisous hasn’t written upbeat or dance-along-to tracks, but that’s what we appreciate him for – the fusion between inexplicit simplicity and the intangible level of immaculate bliss, is why his work is unique and fascinating. Henceforth, the attempt to compensate for a more reposeful ambience with erratic screams into the microphone or swearing at the audience for the sake of comedy; it may be no surprise that this mismatches with what the music itself stands for. What’s left is a contradictory presentation which comes across as somewhat arrogant and a failed attempt at being individual or quirky.

Despite this, the deliverance of the unplanned setlist was satisfactory. Each song reiterated the sedative and magnetic atmosphere that we are familiar with; and when such a distinctive sound is performed, consistency between music and approach would have been key in order to exhibit a delicate but captivating gig. Not the worst, not the best.

Bronwyn Risely