NEWS: Absolutely Free Release ‘Interface’

Absolutely Free release new track ‘Interface,’ out via Boiled Records. This is the first track from their much anticipated sophomore album, ‘Aftertouch,’ out September 24.

Toronto psych-pop four piece Absolutely Free blend synth-pop melodies and a vivid palette of psychedelic sounds to create an enchanting and pastel coloured prismatic arcadia.

Matt King explains, “Written as a pseudo-love song that interludes between two versions of self, Interface recalls an adolescent summer where I spent every waking hour on early web-based chat programs, instead of going outside,”

Absolutely Free take us on a cosmic journey to outer space where they blend realities in a virtual realism that explores future modalities offset with an oceanic and vivid contemplation. As the band shift between analogue and digital spheres real and imagined they blur the boundaries in a post-everything future.