NEWS: Birth of Stone Roses Fools Gold audio revealed!

NEWS: Birth of Stone Roses Fools Gold audio revealed!

On the back of the sensational news of a new Spike Island film using unseen footage from the gig, there is yet more Roses news on the horizon.

The Stone Roses were at the peak of their powers in 1989. After years of being labelled as either goths, has beens or wanna be Rolling Stones their time had come in the latter end of the 80’s with their mix of rock and funk.

It is thought by many that all recordings by the band have been discovered and nothing else exists in the archive. However this past weekend Suddi Raval, who was once in Manchester band Together who had a chart hit in 1989 entitled Hardcore Uproar, has revealed the holy grail of Roses recordings:

‘I’ll try to keep this as brief cos it’s pretty mad what happened! So you know the fella i did my music with, Jonathan (Donaghy) who I was in Together, he owned a rehearsal studio in Stockport called The Greenhouse and all the big bands from Manchester used to come and rehearse there.

And you can imagine how excited we all were that the biggest band in the world at the time The Stone Roses came to rehearse, so Jonathan decided he’d hide a small tape recorder in the corner behind an amp. We just thought of it as a laugh at the time and later when he listened back to it he got really scared that he’d done something wrong and serious cos it occurred to him that the song they were playing was actually being written there and then, it was a completely new idea!

He didn’t know it was going to be their next single but still acknowledged just how big a thing it was to covertly record this. Then when it turned out the song they were recording was actually Fools Gold a massive hit, in fact the hit single after they had their massive success with the album, you can appreciate how worried he got that he would get into trouble! So he hid it!

I always knew where it was but didn’t think it’d be in hiding for 35 years so I asked the person who has it if they could give it me – he said he’s gonna look for it! I always knew exactly where he said they hid it all those ago cos tbh, I’ve never stopped thinking about it. We have talked about it a few times but I’ve never just out right asked him it. So i did exactly that yesterday. Wasn’t sure what he’d say tbh! But when I asked him for ithe said he’s gonna look for it and let me have it! So fingers crossed he finds it!’

So there you have it, a piece of rock history has been found with the hope it actually does come out in the open at some point very soon. What The World Is Waiting for? I think so!