NEWS: The Studio 68! LIVE AT THE 100 CLUB EP

NEWS: The Studio 68! LIVE AT THE 100 CLUB EP

The Studio 68! LIVE AT THE 100 CLUB EP

“The band that laid the foundation stone for Britpop” Pat Gilbert, MOJO

Following their already legendary ’68! Comeback Special’ show at the 100 Club in October- where band merchandise was sold at 1968 prices- London’s Freak Mod standard bearers The Studio 68! release their ‘Live At The 100 Club’ E.P on May 1st.

Featuring 4 tracks- two of which featuring the incredible Dani Turner on vocals -think a modern day Maggie Bell — it is the sound of a band reborn, with talent to burn and a point to prove.

As the needle hits the groove, you’re instantly transported back to groovier times, the band pinballing between soulful, Delaney & Bonnie style boogaloo (‘Rolling With The Punches’), full-tilt psychedelic rock (a rip-roaring rendition of debut single ‘Double Decker Bus’), Hammond-heavy blues (’South Of The River’) and Nazz-esque power pop (‘The Other Me’).

All in a full-colour pop-art sleeve and ‘Orange’ labels — a nod to drummer Simon Castell’s father Paul Castell’s role in designing the Apple logo for The Beatles.

The May 1st release date isn’t coincidental. The band take their name from the May Riots of Paris 1968 and their show at the 100 Club was preceded by recordings made at the time, including quotations from Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes, who cited two inspirational quotes which galvanised the students- from Marx: ’Let us change the world’. From Rimbaud, ‘Let us change life’.

NEWS: The Studio 68! LIVE AT THE 100 CLUB EP

A little back story…

The Studio 68! are the great unsung heroes of British rock.

Back in the early ’90s — when Blur were baggy and Noel Gallagher was still a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets — their late ’60s-inspired sound lit up the Camden circuit like a kaleidoscopic flare, marking them out for stardom until their chaotic lifestyle saw the band implode in spectacular fashion in 1992, when singer-guitarist Paul Moody was hospitalised and the tapes for their debut album ‘Portobellohello’ were impounded by Sussex Police following financial irregularities with the band’s accountant (the tapes were eventually found during a clear—out at Sussex Police HQ in 2013, and subsequently released by Detour).

Having reformed in 2022 with the original line up of Paul Moody (guitar-vocals), Simon Castell (drums), Thrill Heaven (Hammond organ) and Patrick ‘Ace Of Bas’’ O’Sullivan (bass guitar) , they released the ‘Back With The Boys’ E.P on Detour prior to their comeback gig at London’s iconic 100 Club on 21 October 2023.

With a headline show already confirmed at the annual International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool in May and a slot at the prestigious ‘Shiiine On’ festival in November, 2024 is destined to be, as band leader Paul Moody says: “A full-tilt, 366 day Mod Freakout. Let’s party like it’s 1968!”


The Studio 68! LIVE AT THE 100 CLUB EP can be pre-ordered here

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