One To Watch: Adna

The soul drenched voice that is Adna knew from a young age where her destiny lay. Push play on any of her songs and a stunning vocal pulsates out of the speakers, caressing your ears with sublime ease, honesty and delicate conviction.

Take the recently released second album, Run Lucifer, for example. It is an emotive collection of nine charming acoustic tracks enticing you into the personal world of the Swedish songwriter. The title track is powerfully haunting, infused with a rich, sultry tone that fires up your heart.

Other highlights include the song ‘Beautiful Hell’, a striking, folksy melody which uses the full range of Adna’s captivating voice. “I wonder how Agab can feel this much / How it multiplies in my veins / And in my blood and home / It triggers itself in my thoughts / I’d like to be your beautiful hell,” she sings dramatically.

When asked in an interview whether she would rather whisper or shout for the rest of her life, Adna’s response was an immediate “whisper”: “I’m not good at shouting or even using my stomach while talking,” she explains. This preference for whispering is evident throughout her catalogue of music, with most of her songs described as ‘soft’, ‘fragile’ ‘delicate’ and ‘gentle’.

Debut album, Night, racked up over four million plays on Spotify, a modest accomplishment for a 19 year old fresh out of high school. Not long after, she moved to Berlin in the hope of cementing a musical career, a decision which looks set to pay off as she is touted by many as a breakout artist of 2015.

Universally appealing, this is music to chill to after the last guest has staggered home. With lyrics like “Silence grows and you’re all I know / Eyes are closed / I’ll see your smile / Your love / Thinking this is what it could be / Knowing it is all it would be”, you should know that this is an artist with as many stories to tell as she has songs to sing.


Helen Marie Grant


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