Ones To Watch: Lola Colt

With their debut album Away From The Water released last year, London psych-rockers Lola Colt quickly grasped the attention of the likes of The Independent, Q and Clash – and now ours too.

Lola Colt are harsh and sinister in all the right ways. The looming guitars, combined with singer Gun Overbye’s suitably harsh/seductive vocals, create an odd sense of calm, but with a definite undertone of anger and discomfort – in the best way possible. For a six-piece their sound is astonishingly controlled; the band aim to hypnotise and they certainly don’t fail. The same can be said for their videos and live shows, in fact. With stunning visual displays and shows described as “a spellbinding and dramatic experience”, Lola Colt truly embrace the atmospheric possibilities that psychedelic rock allows. It’s something that, whilst isn’t completely necessary (the music itself is enough), only enhances the experience. It adds another dimension to the band, whereas anyone can just make music.

If this isn’t enough, behind the intensity of the music there appears to be some rather likeable people. “Our first UK tour was wild – like our very own real-life road move” say Gun and Matt, going on to describe how each person who goes to their shows becomes a “character in the tale”. There’s no doubting the attention Lola Colt give to not only their music and shows, but their fans too.

With their follow-up single – ‘Heartbreaker’ – out now, and a UK and European tour underway, don’t hesitate to get on board with these guys.

Away From The Water is out now on Fuzz Club Records.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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