Premiere: Cable Street Collective share new video for ‘So We Go’

Taken from their new EP, London 6-piece Cable Street Collective are sharing their new video for ‘So We Go.’

A slick, summery anthem, paired with a super cool video, ‘So We Go’ gives a darker topic (panic attacks, anxiety, the stresses of modern life) an unstoppable air of fun. Speaking of the video the band said:

“The video concept came from our very talented director-cum-good-pal, Cassidy Burcher (Cass). We were at a friend’s party, and he described this idea he wanted to shoot with contorted faces and animations on top. We’d wanted him to do a video for us and we realised that thematically his idea would be perfect for So We Go.

The song is about panic attacks, anxiety, and the stresses and strains of modern life – being pushed and pulled in a million different directions at once, and how it can leave you feeling all twisted out of shape and not yourself.

On the day we shot in front of a green screen at Tun Yard Studios, and hired two industrial, petrol-powered leafblowers for Cass to point at people’s faces. It was bizarre to feel your face rippling and it properly took your breath away. Cass pulled some strings to get us an amazing camera that would shoot in the super-slow frame rate required for some of those ridiculous shots. All our friends and people who have been a part of our journey came down and helped for free, which created a really special atmosphere on the day which we hope comes across in the film

Most of the work actually went into post-production, where Cass and Olly Robertson edited shots and made those incredible animations. All-in-all we hope you agree that (despite the fairly dark subject matter of the lyrics) the whole video feels a lot of fun – we certainly had a lot of fun making it!”


Where Now From Here is out now


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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