Premiere: Dan Bettridge shares new track ‘Hello Caroline’

Taken from the final instalment of his debut album Asking For Trouble, Dan Bettridge is sharing his new single ‘Hello Caroline.’

With the album released in waves, ‘Hello Caroline’ taken from the fourth and final, the track is the mark of an offering that will round of 6 months of releases with true style.

Defying the rigid classification as soul, rock or country, ‘Hello Caroline’ confirms Bettridge’s swaggering confidence in his own style. With everything recorded in his wooden cabin in the countryside of South Wales, there’s a clear rawness to ‘Hello Caroline,’ but it’s by no means messy. Bettridge does stuff himself, but he does it properly, and ‘Hello Caroline’ is a thrilling taste of that.


The final instalment of Asking For Trouble is out on 6 July. Pre-order –

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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