PREMIERE: De Wolt share new EP ‘our Love Is Gone’

De Wolt premiere their new two track ‘Our Love Is Gone’ EP through Gigslutz ahead of its release on April 9,.

The band – Danny Kotz, João Neves and Stefano Di Puma aka Berryfeels – are based in Berlin and signed to the eclectic ‘hipster house’ label Hypernatural, although their sound, built on a love of rock and dance music alike and fuelled by lo fi vintage keyboards sometimes reclaimed from skips and streets, is eclectic to say the least.

A statement from the band said they aim to “takes you back to the birth of Atari gaming while simultaneously pogoing in the middle of a sweaty Kreuzberger moshpit.”

With a full album set to be pencilled into the label’s summer schedule shortly, De Wolt share both the EP’s title track – the raucous, distorted guitar fuelled break up title track and its cooler companion ‘Music Hunters’ here.