REVIEW: Billy Fury - Three Saturdays with Billy

REVIEW: Billy Fury – Three Saturdays with Billy

Nigel Lees is the mastermind behind one of the most exciting and inventive reissue record labels around in the current music market. Having released sumptuous releases by The Artwoods, The Action plus fascinating compilation releases entitled 17 From Morden and Radio Tymes all of which feature previously unheard tracks by artists including Jimi Hendrix, The Pretty Things, The Move and many many, Nigel has released, yet again, a quite fascinating release by the blond Elvis of the 1960’s Billy Fury.

Three Saturdays With Billy is an interesting set featuring 7 previously unreleased tracks lifted from BBC radio Saturday Club show plus a performance from Simon Dee’s Dee Time TV show, both the 10” vinyl and CD come with a breathtaking 24 page booklet showcasing rare material and memorabilia as well as detailed liner notes, all of which is approved for release by the BBC and the Billy Fury Estate.

Of the 7 tracks that appear the audio quality is superb, considering these are long lost sessions track you would these might be scratchy low fi quality, which is far from the truth, we’re talking FM rather than AM frequency. A cover of David Bowie’s Silly Boy Blue from a session taken from 1968 is a spritely ditty in the same vein as something Billy Nichols released on his famed Immediate album Would You Believe, energetic guitars with an arrangement straight out of the top pop draw.

Bye Bye taken from a session from 1969 has tinges of freakbeat and good old R&B shindig, this is also the case of I Love You, my personal pick of the bunch, both are possibly the wildest recordings of Billy’s, Beyond The Shadow Of Doubt is another number lifted from the 1968 session, with what sounds like a similar Keith Mansfield lead orchestra that backed The Love Affair successfully on Everlasting Love the arrangement here is of a loftier status, an uplifting, empowering effort if every I heard one. The interviews with Billy are sweet to hear, the interviewer ask’s him what kind of woman he’d like to be with, Billy’s answer ‘maybe a blonde’.

Ah, to be young again and have that carefree attitude, indeed with this release you are instantaneously taken back to an era way before the advanced musical times we now live in was ever thought of, the design of the record also harks back to those iconic sleeves of yesteryear, stunning colours and plenty of freshness to it’s overall layout, yes this is maybe an unlikely success in some eyes, but don’t be fooled by everything you lay your eyes on, simply purchase this and enjoy.

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