Richard Ashcroft’s Hair Raising BBC News Interview

Richard Ashcroft recently interviewed with BBC News, and oh it was certainly one to watch. 

When being asked about his latest album, Natural Rebel, Ashcroft certainly acted as one. He stated that the album was about “breaking the order of things”. Some of the highlights included stating that rock n roll was “like a religion – “I am the only one on the couch who can wear sunglasses right now. Music becomes almost a religion, yeah? Rock’n’roll is like a religion. So don’t ever question one of the key attributes.”

He also added into the mix, suggesting that Glastonbury is “boring”, “the myth and the name [of the festival] have grown to such a proportion that they sell out before they’ve even told people what the acts are; I actually think that has taken away from the power of the music”.

This was all before Ashcroft decided it was time for a lie down and after saying the set looks surreal, and most hilariously telling the audience to “stop eating those grapes and cereal”.

Recently, Ashcroft received negative reviews from Mark Beaumont, rating the album two stars and stating “He’s so comfortable in his well-worn big ballad rut that he almost sounds like a pastiche of himself”… In reply to the comment, Richard Ashcroft responded by burning a copy of the NME on his Instagram post. But we still love you, Richard

You can check out the interview below:

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