REVIEW: Garcia People’s – One Step Behind album review

REVIEW: Garcia Peoples – One Step Behind album review

There aren’t many 30 minute tracks that can hold court before boredom sets in. Garcia Peoples new long player One Step Behind released 18th October 2019 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond is a prime example of how mixing a long jam whilst executing a long form original composition can be utterly captivating.

Following in a long succession of jamming powerhouses including Traffic, Led Zepplinn and Humble Pie, but not necessarily sounding like a cover version of any of the aforementioned, Garcia Peoples sound is powerful, loose yet composed and overly enticing as you let their music flow over, inside and around you.

As previously mentioned their new album features a lengthy track plus the addition of one other track. 2 tracks in total. But no one is left short changed here. There are dips, swerves and gliding turns that make this release one of the very best of the year. On an ever so slightly even keel to Tame Impala’s psychedelic trips. Garcia Peoples music is more authentic, devoid of over production, refreshingly vibrant and completely addictive.

Opening track One Step Behind starts with some Chris Wood type hypnotic saxophone, guitar cuts in with some tripped out descending guitar riff instantly taking you on a ride down a never ending helter skelter of musical emotions. Tomorrow Never Knows drums kick in another dimension of the band, with keyboards adding a layer of sophistication, dynamic two way vocal harmonies take your mind away from this world and its troubles, transporting you into the palm of the hands of Garcia Peoples world. A quite fantastic track that will only lead you wanting more of the same.

Second track Heart and Soul is made of a softer fabric. Wrapped in a grand piano sounding universe of perfection, another aspect of the band breaks through the dawn, making this track perfect to wake up to as the sun breaks through on the horizon for a new day to begin. Completely devoid of any imperfections, the tracks sends a shiver down the spine as sensitive feelings are touched with this never ending new music love affair. Quite simply this collection is up there with anything that has been touched by the hand of the psychedelic geniuses such as Syd Barrett, Arthur Lee and Jimi Hendrix.

Garcia People’s can be found via their own website.

Matt Mead

Matt Mead

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