REVIEW: Jimmy Page – The Anthology

REVIEW: Jimmy Page – The Anthology

Depending on when you were born you’re more than likely to have different experiences of first hearing about and seeing Jimmy Page. Me personally it was watching a rerun of the 1966 Blow Up film featuring David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave which featured a cameo appearance by 60’s rock and roll legends The Yardbirds with the classic guitar line up of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, the former trashing his guitar against an amp for good effect. Page can be seen on stage, bobbing away in his iconic stance, dead down his mind fully concentrating on the guitar licks he’s about to pull out the bag.

The clothes and equipment from many of Page’s legendary and lesser known stage appearances are now contained in a heavyweight book released via Genesis Publications entitled Jimmy Page: The Anthology which tells the story direct from Page’s own words, but it’s seeing original clothes, guitars and other memorabilia dotted about the book all of which from the Page archive that makes this book so magical, much of the collectibles on show were probably thought sent to the bin many moons ago, you’ll be glad to know this seems to be not the case.

The book starts off with Page’s childhood years, his formative years before he took the stages of the world, Page displaying a similar quiff to Buddy Holly lovingly holding a Hofner guitar, on the adjoining page adorable b/w photos of his parents can be seen both smiling ear to ear. There are further photos of Page pictures with this skiffle group, sketches he drew of being up on a lit stage with his band, plus we also get to see the case his Futurama electric guitar was housed in. When the case is opened the guitar is there in all its glory, looking almost brand new, with a rich red velvet protective inner casing that to a young musician like Page must’ve been a dream come true, indeed his parents probably knew they were investing a prodigal son on their hands.

There are so many highlights in this jam packed fabulous book, the personal highlights that stick out for me include an old blazer, a dark navy number but with old badges and military style badges stuck randomly all about it making it look like a fab pop art number, the jacket was worn on Top Of The Pops with The Yardbirds. There’s a violin bow that he used with The Yardbirds, original Marshall amp stacks that propped up behind Page on many of the performance arenas he acquainted. The famous star / dragon suit that Page wore on the Song Remains The Same gigs at Madison Square Garden is here still looking virtually untouched with a nice big close up of the dragon from the right leg of the suit plus the stars on the jackets are prominently on show.

Making up the numbers here are many iconic posters, unseen on stage photos, contracts, customs documents and other bits of memorabilia that make this a heavy dose of wistfulness and a dream come true for fans of The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin and Page in general. Even if you aren’t a fan of Page this impressive showcase of musical relics is sure to strike a pining chord with many to rediscover or discover Page’s back catalogue. A truly momentous publication, of such rarely seen character and exhausting research the likes of which probably indicate this will be the final word on the 6/12 string legend.

Jimmy Page – The Anthology is available to order via the following link