REVIEW: Jonny Trunk: The A-Z of Music Shop Bags 1940’s - 1990

REVIEW: Jonny Trunk: The A-Z of Music Shop Bags 1940’s – 1990

Continuing heartwarming archive chronicles in the same hallowed tradition that accompanied previous coveted releases; sweet wrapper sugar rush Wrappers Delight, Sainsbury’s exemplary Own Brand and automobile dream Auto Erotica, Jonny Trunk has unleashed another prized nugget of fantabulous research, stunning visuals and cute designs via Fuel Publishing in the guise of new book The A-Z of Music Shop Bags A-Z of Record Shop Bags: 1940s to 1990s.

The digital download age has seemingly robbed thousands of music punters the special privilege of showcasing their own record store bag. As a regular vinyl purchaser from hallowed Nottingham music store Selectadisc back in the 90’s, not only was a badge of honour worn when you’d discovered a 2nd hand 12” treasure, or a release that you’d been chasing for years, the crowning glory was to have your purchase placed in a plastic bag that carried the shops name so you could then proudly walk away with your spoils sporting the distinct brand.

Whilst a Selectadisc bag might not appear in this collection, which is not intended to be an exhaustive A-Z, rather it is the cream of the crop that Trunk and other collectors have taken into their collections. Knowledgeable affectionate music aficionado Jon Savage provides a quaint foreword plus Trunk weaves a warts ‘n’ all tale of how the book came to fruition, all this only gets the creative juices flowing on what is a first of its kind, bringing together possibly only surviving examples and some more well known additions which sit along side worded documentary from Trunk that adds an extra dollop of fascination.

As you might expect with a collaboration between Trunk/Fuel there is a considerable effort to expertly showcase the bags in a resplendent manner, the artwork on the bags is both startling, jay droppingly retro and overly simply wonderful. Stand out selections of lesser-known shops include; Barnards psych revolving b; Cloud 7’s multi-layered lettering; Francis Day and Hunter distinctly trippy font; Harrison Gibson Record Department depicting a needle hitting the groove; Musicwise is a particular standout with a wise Owl pointing the way. Of the more familiar selections Our Price, Boots the Chemist and Rumblelows recall a time when vinyl was all there was when you wanted to purchase some decent tunage.

Thoughtfully compiled, lovingly shared and devotion to the cause to resurrect the old and turn into the new is a concept of Trunk, but not exclusive to his craft. Do the decent thing and spend some of your hard earned coins on this sumptuous gift.

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