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Good Day, dearest reader!  Here at Gigslutz we are always keen to diversify our choices, to the furthest stretch of the imagination.  With this in mind, I have put down my old blues records and picked up a steaming hot pile of new songs – singles if you will – and undertaken the task of seeing if they’re any good so you don’t have to – I know I know, I’m very kind.  So if you’re sitting comfortably, push play on the videos you’ll see on the screen and let’s grown together.  Feedback is always appreciated, regardless of whether we’re brothers in arms of opinion or on opposite sides of the battlefield…

Broken Bells ‘Control’

Control is the latest offering from US powerhouse duo Broken Bells, comprised of a Danger Mouse and an ex-Shin.  I personally loved this melancholy psychedelia, opening with a twangy bass line easily comparable with James’ ‘Say Something’.  Cracking anthemic chorus and horn section, and some lovely spooky organs too.  Generally a top tune, if this is reminiscent of the album I shall purchase!

Charli XCX ‘Boom Clap’

In ‘Boom Clap’, Charli XCX provides us with the bedding for a party scene in Made In Chelsea.  It’s a sugary, Shoreditch hipster, electro-pop romp with lashings of retro Neneh Cherry attitude thrown in – every copy should be issued with a complementary crop top, buffalo boots and fluro snapback.  That being said, it’s not wholly unpleasant.  In fact it’s quite a lovely summery tune, and if it came on in a bar I’d definitely give it some dancing beans.  It makes me feel like I’m getting ready for a night out Clueless style, and I love that movie!  Yep, I’m persuaded, Charli XCX has won me over.  Sweet like Vimto, and who doesn’t like Vimto?!

Cher Lloyd ‘Sirens’

Ah Cher Lloyd… She sings, she dances, she (rather questionably) raps, she divides a nation.  Although ‘Swagger Jagger’ is three minutes of my life I’ll regrettably never get back, I listened to this unbiasedly.  I like her voice on this track – far more mature, deeper tones, a bit rugged; still a bit whiney, but a vast improvement.  Like most modern songs, there’s a dancey breakdown bit which doesn’t do anything for me, but I understand that’s what the kids like.  I just wonder what this would sound like completely stripped back with an acoustic…

Erasure ‘Elevation’

With Erasure, you know what you’re getting.  30 years in the business of creating neon soaked, glittery dance tracks guaranteed to get the toes tapping in your local discotheque.  Nostalgic without trying to be cool, they know who they are and what they do, follow the formula and get the tank tops out.  Not gonna blow your mind, won’t stick in your memory, but not offensive.  Pleasant.

La Roux ‘Uptight Downtown’

God I’ve tried with La Roux, I really have.  And I can see all the benefits, I really can.  Like the ‘Absolute Beginners’ horns, disco guitar riffs, cool synths and singalong chorus.  It is a lovely little ditty, following the La Roux cooler than cool formula of shimmy worthy track and throw away lyrics.  After about five listens it has grown on me and I do find myself doing a little wiggle.  But it’s just not my thing, it’s just too hipster for me.

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott ‘Moulding Of A Fool’

Love, of course I love.  Another stupidly smart, catchy, relevant, fun pop song from a duo whose voices were born to work together.  Really quite perfect, and I can definitely see this being a highlight at any festivals or gigs the pair play.  Perhaps I’m biased as it’s the more vintage sounding of the tracks, but the quality song writing, the self deprecating lyrics, the happy/sad quality – it’s just a good old fashioned British tune and I’ll take something like this over a more Radio 1 friendly track any day.

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