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REVIEW: Supergrass – Live On Other Planets

REVIEW: Supergrass – Live On Other Planets

The forever infectious sights and sounds of Supergrass are brought bang up to date with their sharp new live album Live On Other Planets. Recorded on their whirlwind reunion tour at the start of 2020 the band sounds as fluid…

TRACK: Danny Goffey – ‘Sick Holiday’

On ‘Sick Holiday’, Supergrass sticksman Danny Goffey blends Ian Dury & son’s point of voyeurism with breezy Squeezey sonics. The result is an aural postcard sent from his recent break to Greece (and back) with cheapo flying coop, Easyjet. Casually…

INTERVIEW: Vangoffey

Whilst ‘The Trials Of A Modern Man’ may be numerous, Danny Goffey seems unfazed by them. The Vangoffey frontman and former Supergrass drummer recently played two intimate gigs in London and Frome (his home town) celebrating the release of the band’s latest single, ‘Sucker’….

LIVE: Vangoffey – The Social, London 14.03.16

If ‘The Trials of a Modern Man’ are as numerous as Vangoffey‘s single suggests, frontman Danny Goffey seemed unfazed by them on Monday night as he played to a packed crowd at London’s trendy venue, The Social. The former Supergrass…