TRACK: Danny Goffey – ‘Sick Holiday’

On ‘Sick Holiday’, Supergrass sticksman Danny Goffey blends Ian Dury & son’s point of voyeurism with breezy Squeezey sonics. The result is an aural postcard sent from his recent break to Greece (and back) with cheapo flying coop, Easyjet.

Casually deploying the term ‘sick’ like all 40+ geezer-blokes oughtn’t, Goffey has gone ‘Gonzo’ by regaling verbatim the utterings and splutterings of his fellow passengers. Like a ‘Girls and Boys’ for Generation unAppy, the lyrics detail the toings and froings on the airborne vomit comet, the coming and goings of the thirsty holiday hordes abroad, the stag don’t rabble that are bevvied and burnt by dusk with nary a meaningful conversational exchange. ‘Boys on tour’, oh, such a bore.

The song is backed by jerky-quirky post-punk angles and grinders, all Robert Frippery and re-Wired riffonometry. Do the math-rock.

For Goffey, the future’s shite, the future’s burnt orange.

LP Schtick is out on June 22 via Distiller Records.

Words: Kemper Boyd