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Interview: John Cooper Clarke

“What kind of creature bore you Was is some kind of bat They can’t find a good word for you, but I can… TWAT.” Rapid-fire delivery and satirical performance poetry uniquely defines John Cooper Clarke like no other punk. The…

Book Review: ‘Japanese Poems Steal Brains’ by Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut, who describe themselves as ‘Baroque-Pop-Folktronic-Neo-Classical-Something-Or-Other’ might have had all the right intentions when they decided to publish their series of backstage Haikus in book form. Japanese Poems Steal Brains is charming and well-made as a physical object, but…

John Cooper Clarke LIVE @ Theatre Royal Brighton 16.11.14

The nasal tones of John Cooper Clarke sit fondly in my memory: on hearing them I’m transported back to the back seat of my mum’s maroon mark 3 Astra, in which he intermittently commentated on our journeys (via CD) around Manchester….