The Role of Music in Gaming: How Has Bingo Cracked the Code?

pic source: Unsplash

Although music and gaming are related, they don’t always see eye to eye. According to research into the role of sound effects and noises on the user experience, several caveats can affect how success. For example, while the study found that those who listened to music achieved the fastest lap times, they also hit the most objects, suggesting they were distracted at times.

One game that has stood the test of time as far as its use of music is concerned is bingo. It has seemingly cracked the enigma, ensuring that players get the best possible features without any of the negatives. But how has it struck the perfect balance?

Straightforward Gameplay

A significant reason why music is used effectively is down to the simplicity of the gameplay. Titles, especially the latest releases, are becoming more advanced and force users to hone all of their attention skills to get to grips with the plot.

This is highlighted by the introduction of virtual reality headsets. When you wear a VR headset, you can hear and feel every little sensation, causing you to turn your focus elsewhere. However, bingo has a tried and tested strategy that makes the pastime popular with gamers of all persuasions, such as noises and sound effects from callers and background music that you can hear but that isn’t in your face. The methodology is the same for classic versions or a new bingo game as it prevents confusion and doesn’t overcomplicate matters. This is why you can find the same features throughout bingo slot machines and scratch cards, and any other edition that you’re likely to play, whether it’s 75-ball or 90-ball bingo.

Thanks to this process, players can enjoy their favourite titles without obstructive melodies getting in the way and hijacking the experience. The gameplay speaks for itself, while the music remains in the background.

Subtle & Effective

However, leveraging background music doesn’t mean the songs you hear are afterthoughts. Bingo hasn’t stumbled across the answer – it’s developed it over a number of years. After all, the type of music you find on bingo platforms hits all the right notes (no pun intended!).

For instance, research suggests that you need more than background music to be productive. It’s the type of tunes playing that sharpens your subconscious and affects success. While a lot of video game music can help you concentrate, there are several factors you must consider if you want to create a productive environment that helps you game. This includes listening to music with no lyrics since there are no words to dispute your flow, playing it relatively constantly to eliminate distractions, and making sure it’s fast-paced to get you into a rhythm.

Bingo music does all of the above to ensure there is an optimal environment for you to do your thing, whereas other games flout these rules and pay the price. Yes, we’re looking at you, consoles!

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Not Just High Scores

It’s worth remembering that success can be ranked in many different ways. This is important because it’s usually related to the number of points or money you win, yet this is problematic since players engage with games for more reasons than to be winners.

In many ways, gaming is about being taken to a different world because this is the part of the journey that enables you to relieve stress by forgetting about your life for an hour or two. Sure, VR and AR technology takes this to the next level, but bingo does it through music by making the gameplay seem as realistic as possible.

If you have ever played bingo Deal or No Deal, you’ll know that it feels as if you’re on a gameshow, and it’s the music that brings authenticity to the table. The same goes for pretty much every bingo game available on a wide range of platforms.

Bingo is ahead of its rivals musically as it keeps things simple, relies on subtle and effective melodies, and puts different experiences above winning. This strategy is why it’s now a billion-pound industry in the UK and globally