TRACK: Blakk Pearl – ‘Prayer’

Shades of Sade’s ‘No Ordinary Love’ and Björk’s ‘Play Dead’ illuminate ‘Prayer’, a sermon from the peripatetic performer, Blakk Pearl.

Wanderlust’s psychic properties and the emotions wrought by absent patriarchs (her AWOL Pops is the manager of NWA) combine to create an ambient effect.  Dub-bass-know-head-music for non-believers in the transcendence of gospel, heretics be damned – this is ‘Prayer’.

Cello, is it me you are looking for? BP seems to exhort as the aforementioned string section kicks in, articulating those thoughts that words simply cannot express.  The internal/external strife amounts to metaphysical mutterings on the hotline to them upstairs. Will they pick up?  What to do if it is engaged? Can I leave a message? These philosophical ponderings filter through the minds of all members of the believing flock.

Kemper Boyd