TRACK: FIDLAR – ‘Are You High? (ft. The 90s)’

FIDLAR return with another 100mph tune that sounds like it has come straight from an unforgotten B-side to the American Pie soundtrack.

Though not as marauding as ‘Alcohol’, the track released earlier this year, they instead toy with a punk-pop bolshiness that acts as the light-hearted façade to darker lyrics: “All my homies wanna know what I been doing/ I think they liked me better back when I was using”.  It’s truly an open window into the narrative of the band.

This is a straight-forward tune that packs an undeniably catchy chorus, in a song that is under three minutes of “F YOU!”, typified by the erratic and unapologetic guitar solo that stomps into the middle. The point of this track is its ability to lure you in with the catchy guitar hooks and sing-along moments, before you question why you’re smiling at the lyrics?!

If you are in need of a song that will help you in a “me versus the world” kinda scenario, then look no further.

Words: Luke Scanlan