TRACK: Swearin’ – ‘Untitled (LA)’

If you are a fan of Moldy Peaches or Velvet Underground, this new one from Swearin’ is for you.

Returning with their first album in five years, this early release smacks full of the carefree, DIY coolness that have defined so many American artists gone by.

The blankness of the title, whilst still linked to Los Angeles, reflects the insecurity, lack of direction and ultimately boredom that comes from staying in a hometown.

‘Untitled (LA)” also deals with the theme of always being on a different wavelength to somebody close – “I move fast along the freeway/ And I wonder about your caution/ I wonder if you’re happy” – perfectly encapsulating the battle between a breakaway free spirit and a concerned old friend or lover.

This song is not one that will light up your world, but it will make you smile and appreciate the ‘now’ and charm you with its rough edges and relatable lyrics.

Stay tuned for the album, Fall into the Sun, out October 5th on Merge Records.