TRACK: Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Falling Into Me’

On ‘Falling Into Me’, teenage Norfolkers Let’s Eat Grandma go gunning for Lorde’s am-dram gothic market while adding a dollop of Joanna Newsom (losing some of the lil’ Bo Peep vocal theatrics, of course). The result renders them the definite black sheep of the hipster zone.

No longer tackling truancy (‘Deep Six Textbook’) or deconstructing graffiti which promotes the ingestion of fungi (‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’), Let’s Eat Grandma’s latest, ‘Falling Into Me’, is a sting in the tail of pubescent posturing.

As the mirrors crack, the image turns to shards.  An anti-love-love-song which loses in woos and succeeds in wooze. Tripping beats of hops ferment like homebrew- ergo, flat and lifeless. ‘The kind of song Olly Murs would consider edgy’ according to style-mag-zine OpineOn.

Kemper Boyd