Video Premiere: Unbuttoned – ‘Suite In D Major’

Having been included in Noisey’s Top Six Canadian projects last year, and described as “lamplights of Toronto’s incredible and notoriously underrated R&B scene”, Unbuttoned are now ready to release a brand new EP. A group of high school friends, Unbuttoned come together to create utterly unique and cunningly creative sounds.

Packed full of sweeping instrumentals, intricate musicality, climactic beats and soulful vocals, Minute Lasting is a wonder to behold. Despite only consisting of two songs, it is so musically rich and delicately beguiling that it’ll immediately cast you under Unbuttoned’s spell.

Watch the new video (all 17 minutes, 36 seconds of it) for lead track ‘Suite In D Major’ here:

Minute Lasting is due out next month via Round 4 Records.


Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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