LIVE: Basheba – The Garage, Islington 12.11.15

On Thursday 12th November, Basheba performed a stunning headline show upstairs at The Garage, Islington. As she took centre stage, the crowd left the bar at the back of the room and filtered forward. It was the first time that had really happened all night – the full attention of the venue was focused on Basheba from the moment she arrived.

Accompanied by a producer and keyboardist, along with a small but effective string section, a flurry of musical styles were dished out ranging from stripped back, soulful R&B-based numbers to all out drum-and-bass driven sections. Basheba is clearly a very rounded artist who can skillfully weave a variation of sounds into a cohesive song.

The sound of her music was full and detailed and as her voice carried across the room, the crowd began to move and respond. The people there made a connection with Basheba and her music that night. Along with her flawless vocals, she was charismatic and naturally funny between songs, holding the attention of the crowd superbly.

She came across as ‘normal’ – she seemed down to earth but she also shone like a star. It was enjoyably refreshing to see someone with real talent and stage presence perform without pretence and absolutely kill it.

Ainsley Walker

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Urban Music Editor
With grime and hip hop being major influences on him growing up in South East London, Matt's passion is urban music but over the years he has gathered a hugely diverse taste, ranging from Wiley to The Smiths by way of Machine Head, that has made him a very open minded individual.
Matt Tarr