LIVE (photos): Gigslutz Live At The Finsbury 14.04.17 w/ Ice Cold Slush, Temples Of Youth, Effra Social & Suggested Friends

Since the start of the year, we’ve had some pretty amazing bands play for us at The Finsbury, including MadonnatronSahara Dam and The Empty Page. So, we were excited to be back at the North London venue last night for more incredible live music!

Treating us to a one off, special performance, Suggested Friends are first up – minus a drummer and with wonderfully fast-learning stand in bassist Laura. Managing to deliver their uptempo, ‘tweemo’ punk-pop with a twinkling charm, the trio create truly infectious melodies and luscious harmonies as they tell frank, witty everyday life stories. Suggested Friends are an utter delight, cementing themselves firmly as new favourites; if they’re this loveable without their full lineup, we can’t wait to see what the full band can do for us at The Finsbury in the future!

Taking to the stage in a frenzied whirlwind of energy, complete with megaphones, tiger jumpsuits and a whole load of fun-filled charisma, Effra Social take the word ‘perform’ to a whole new level. Putting on a performance filled with racing riffs, powerful vocals, bundles of buoyant charm and – of course – ping pong balls, this lively collective succeed in engaging the whole crowd with their unique, dramatic stage presence and vibrant pizazz.

Third on the bill are Winchester duo Temples Of Youth. Casting their utterly entrancing spell over the crowd in an instant, Jo Carson and Paul Gumma deliver their hauntingly beautiful offerings, oozing a majestic, subtle power as Carson’s smooth, rich vocals flow alongside atmospheric, sweeping melodies and thumping beats. A truly captivating set, making it impossible not to fall completely in love with Temples Of Youth.

Finally, Ice Cold Slush take to the stage; clad in matching retro outfits, Elinor and Dominique ooze their distinct charisma as they stun the crowd with their scuzzy, infectious offerings and completely unique stage-presence. With their between-song fem-bot, synchronised vocals allowing the girls to share the duty of ‘front woman’ perfectly, drummer Tom smashes away in support, making for an incredible, alluring burst of relentless slushy rock.

Huge thanks to all four amazing bands for making last night so great! Make sure you make it down to our next Gigslutz night at The Finsbury on 12th May when the incredibly awesome Trash Kit will be headlining!

Photo Credit: Jon Mo/ @jonmophoto

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