TRACK: Three From Above – ‘Hail Ceasar’

Formed in 2016, Three From Above, a Liverpool modern garage rock trio comprise of Tom Collins (bass/vocals), Harris McWilliam (guitar/vocals) and Lewis McWilliam (drums /vocals).

Their latest single, ‘Hail Caesar’, due out on April 13 on Spotify, channels influences from Idles, Talking Heads and Nirvana. The song in their words “attempts to convey the feeling of absolute power a tyrant, no matter how noble, can feel. The present day similarities are merely speculative, honest”. For a band drawing such heavy influences from across the pond, it’s not hard to imagine which modern day Caesar they are referencing.

With drums crashing in from the word go and an earworm of a riff, this song packs a mighty punch albeit it’s a little on the short side at just over two minutes.

Having recently provided live support to Strange Bones, Trampolene and Otherkin, the lads will be playing in support of Wood Burning Savages on May 4 in Liverpool.