EP: God on My Right – ‘Swallow’

God on My Right, aka brothers Sean and Michael Hollywood are an alternative/electro/ industrial  duo based in Liverpool and London who burst onto the scene in early 2016. Recent signings to Deltasonic Records, home of the Coral and The Zutons, they made quite an impression at the Liverpool Festevol festival back in April this year.   Their electro/industrial sound perfectly complemented the dark, eerie basement of the Invisible Wind Factory, a vast industrial space turned arts venue.   

Dark and industrial are just some of the ways of describing their sound which is heavy on the synths, tapes, drum machines and guitars but also encompasses a wide range of vocals, humanising the music and giving it a soul; something which is sometimes lacking with electronic music.

God on my Right prove there is nothing sugar coated about electronic music in 2017.  Their debut EP Swallow is a very good taster of things to come, a strong first offering from a band that combines so many different influences; a collage of 80s synth, tiny smouldering echoes of Joy Division, techno, snippets of the 90s – hints of Underworld and The Prodigy through to rap and a bit of Formation and Nine Inch Nails for good measure too.

‘Not so young’ is a gentle, melodic earworm that chimes away inside your head whilst ‘Kneel down’ has more of an attitude with a rap vocal predominating and livening things up.

‘Blood Sport’ is the slowest song on the EP and distorted lyrics calling out to the darkest recesses of your mind.  ‘Sister Sells’ is easier on the ear and has a steady rhythmic beat that is both moody and defiant.

It is hoped to we can see more of this atmospheric duo  live in 2018, filling out a good few warehouses on the way.