ALBUM: So Pitted ‘Neo’

How can a trio make so much noise? How have So Pitted managed to make noise sound so alluring?

With Nathan Rodriguez and Liam Downey often switching positions between vocals and instruments, an unwonted kind of energy comes battling through, accompanied by Jeannine Koewler’s guitar playing through a bass amp. The result is a bewitching force of nature that manages to destroy conventions, sound barriers and ear drums crossing its path.

Neo drapes So Pitted’s career so far in a grunge-fuelled riot vest; they’re ready to take on a whole pit of fierce personalities and endless chaos but steadily, and progressively, developing a more detailed and personified identity for themselves – going on to reveal that there’s no one side to them, they’re everything and anything that they want to be. Moving from prog-rock to punk and further makes for an exciting, exhaustive debut which is out to intrude on every bit of personal space you have.

‘I’m Not Over It’ vigorously experiments with pace, sound and vocal noise, concluding in a way that makes you feel like you can’t remember what silence is. Meanwhile ‘Pay Attention To Me’ does exactly what it says, it gets your attention. From the get go it’s a matter of indulging to every chord, riff and lyric of the song to understand, and comprehend, what is going on with So Pitted.

This Seattle punk trio’s debut is likely to get them acknowledged as a band promising a whole future of noise – good noise. Releasing a debut as prominent as this can prove to be tricky, but with So Pitted’s confidence and free will to do whatever they want, Neo is a guaranteed hit with any punk fan around.

Neo is set for release 19 February on Sub Pop.

Connor Willis

Connor Willis

Connor Willis

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