EP REVIEW: Alex Bay ‘Daylight’

Alex Bay opens his latest EP with a cracker. ‘Nobody like you’ is brimming with energy and Tennessee guitar riffs echo his husky voice. Alex, or as I believe, Jack Sparrow’s doppelganger is a 24 year old from Hitchin, Hertfordshire. This small town singer/songwriter has all the ingredients for fame- catchy melodies, emotive lyrics and passion bursting at the seams.

I imagine Alex has spent a while trying to escape the shadow of his younger brother, breakthrough musician James Bay (supported Kodaline, Rae Morris, John Newman). However, these two brothers are so similar it would be almost cruel to deprive a fan of one, from the other.

The second track ‘Waiting Game’ was pleasantly surprising as he reminds me of ‘Sunny Side Up’ Paolo Nutini. Delightful. I was convinced that nothing could replace the love I have for one of Alex’s older tracks ‘Now or Never’ but ‘Waiting Game’ has most definitely stolen my heart.

He continues with this folky Nutini vibe throughout the EP with the guitar becoming increasingly prominent. He showcases his truly impressive high register in ‘Somewhere in a Memory’ and the ending presents a spine tingling, goose bump moment. Penultimate track ‘The Last Time’ has soulful and euphoric harmonies with echoes of “ooh ooh” behind Alex’s voice. This song is the ultimate mood-lifter, a stark contrast to the last track of the EP.

The build up to EP-titled track ‘Daylight’ was grand: therefore I had big expectations in store. Unfortunately, his combination of simplistic lyrics and slow melody did not have its desired effect. I feel like this song is still in a stage of infancy, but with a frustrating amount of potential to blossom into something fantastic.

However, with Alex’s exclusive online preview of ‘Years From Now’ it is evident that his sound continues to develop and mature with each record.

I have high hopes for Alex’s future and wish to see him playing a lot more shows to follow this brilliant EP!

Fran Welch

Fran Welch

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