EP: Strange Cages – ‘The Cracks’

Looking for anger? Looking for fuzz? Looking for something a bit different? Then look no further than Brighton band, Strange Cages. Their new EP, The Cracks is an ode to the underground garage rock scene.

The title track opens the record perfectly – infectious guitar riffs, driving drum beats and anthemic roars. When listening to this EP, you get a lot of Sex Pistols vibes with a mix of Drenge’s driving and heavy sound. The aggressive stabs in ‘She Sees Through’ are reminiscent of the likes of King Gizzard, and you can just imagine how magnificent Strange Cages can get their guitars to sound live!

The production on this record is great, the sound is clean, but also raw and gritty at the same time. Strange Cages’ tunes include a lot of instrumentals – usually these aren’t my cup of tea, but these instrumental breaks are so interesting, and filled with tones I haven’t heard on a guitar since The White Stripes; truly impressive stuff.

Though the record as a whole doesn’t vary much in sound, this can be a good thing with underground garage bands, and this EP demonstrates Strange Cages’ talents in reaching great tones on their instruments. They create a fantastic selection of songs, whilst firmly sticking to their genre without straying too far from the shore.

With bands like this becoming more and more popular, I don’t think it’s going to be long before Strange Cages are headlining big stages to throngs of adoring fans. 

The Cracks is out 16 June via Vallence Records.

Words: Jimmy Ingham
Photo Credit: Todd McConnochie