Interview: Eliza And The Bear

Having released their new EP Light It Up, the wheels are now fully in motion as Eliza and the Bear rally together to bring us the folk rock record we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been one hell of an exciting year for the band – having toured with AWOLNATION and played at various festivals, fuelled by plenty Nature Valley bars for the journey. Here, Gigslutz finds out more about the group of five who surprisingly have no Eliza – as well as no bear…



What has this year been like for you guys so far? 

Its been a really busy one! We’ve had amazing festival summer run and we are currently on our biggest headline tour to date. After this we are looking to record our album, pretty non stop!


You’ve released your first EP Light It Up recently. How do you feel now it’s out there for the world to hear? 

We were all really excited to get it out, and the response we have had from it has been really awesome. It’s also really cool to finally play some of the tracks live!


For a five piece called Eliza and the Bear, where is Eliza – and the bear? 

Our bass player is quite hairy, so I guess he could possibly pass for a bear?


You’re playing at places from the Fleece in Bristol near me, to the Oxford O2 Academy. Which kinds of venues do you prefer, the larger gigs or the smaller intimate shows? 

I think that the smaller intimate shows are just slightly edging it at the moment! These shows mean that we can get really sweaty and up close and personal with the people that have turned up!


What’s the top of your list on the tour rider? 

Probably those Nature Valley Bars…and a bottle of Morgan Spiced.


You toured with AWOLNATION this year, how was that experience?

We were big fans of the band so it was awesome! The shows were really busy and ended up being really energetic. Probably some of our favourite shows of the year!


Y Not Festival, and Leopallooza in Cornwall are just some of the festivals you’ve played in 2014. What was your favourite festival to play this year, and why?

There were so many awesome festivals this year but i would have to go with Y Not Festival. We had a packed tent and a massive sing along. Perfect festival experience!


Were there any acts that perked up your ears? 

We played that show with a couple of bands that we really enjoy – Amber Run, Luke Sital Singh and Little Comets.


What would you say has been your best gig experience? And your worst? 

I think our favourite show was our headline show at The Garage. Being our hometown it made for a really special show. We’ve got our biggest London headline show coming up on the 16th Oct at Islington Academy, so we shall see if that beats it. As for worst, I was in one of my old bands and we travelled all the way to Wigan and ended up playing to two people and the bar owner’s dog.


If you could choose any 5 acts to collaborate with, who would you choose? 

At the moment I would go with – Alt J, Radiohead, Justin Beiber, STAR, Coldplay.


Are there any home comforts you miss from London while touring?

The main thing I think I miss is my own bed. Hotel beds aren’t the most comfortable. Either that or my playstation.


And finally –  after the tour this year, what do you plan to do next?

We have a week off and then we go off to record the album, keep your eyes peeled!



Oliver Evans

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