INTERVIEW: Milli Major talks ‘Bloods Thicker Than Water’

As a member of top grime collective Bloodline, Milli Major is an artist on the rise. Having put out a number of quality releases over the last few years, he has taken a step up, with his latest EP Bloods Thicker Than Water gaining a hugely positive response from various tastemakers within the grime scene. Our Urban Music Editor Matt Tarr had a quick chat with him recently to discuss the EP and talk about his progression as an artist…

Tell us about the meaning behind the name of the EP…

Milli: With my other projects, I’ve had a lot of solo joints on them. But with this EP, it was orientated more around collaborations, especially Bloodline collaborations. Everyone in Bloodline features on my EP twice, so it’s a testament to the name really and I thought Bloods Thicker Than Water would be a fitting title.

Have you got a favourite track on there?

Milli: Of course. My favourite is either ‘Original Bloodline’, ‘Winning’, ‘Levels’, ‘Shut Down The Dance’, ‘Murder Request’, ‘Stable’, ‘War We’ or ‘Winning Remix’. So I’d say one of those I think!

Would you agree that Bloods Thicker Than Water is the strongest and most professional body of work that you’ve put out during your career so far?

Milli: Definitely, 100%. People have asked me what the difference is between this release and the last one and I do think that this one is more professional. My management [Star Work Music] have played a big part in that. I’m glad that people can see that too.

With features on the EP, other than your fellow Bloodline members, coming from highly respected artists such as D Double E, Chronik and Scrufizzer, it shows that you’re clearly a respected MC yourself as these artists are happy to contribute to your releases.

Milli: If you’re saying that about this one then wait until you hear the next release. I’m gonna have some mind blowing features on there. That’s due out this year as well cos I ain’t taking no breaks; I’ve got no chill. I’ve got a lot of stuff to get off my chest too.

Several tracks from the EP have had spins on different radio stations. Is radio play something that you’re going to continue to seek out with your music in the future?

Milli: Yeah. I think with the music that I’ve got coming out, it’s inevitable. Radio will definitely feel the tracks; well not even radio cos radio’s not a person. The DJ’s will feel the tracks and any DJ that’s been playing my previous stuff will definitely feel positive about the moves I’m making.

As Meridian Dan has been enjoying solo success recently and Bossman’s latest track ‘Wristbands’ has been picking up a lot of good press, how has that affected the dynamics of Bloodline as a group?

Milli: It’s been nothing but positive. President T’s CD A Stranger Returns is gonna be out soon. Big H has got his CD coming out soon and he’s got a mixtape coming out soon called Zing Zing Zoom as well, so Big H has got two projects to be released. So with all of that, it just puts more of a spotlight over here. Whereas before we might have been working but we didn’t have the attention of the game, now it’s focussed a lot more on what we do and everything is magnified. We’re also all putting out better stuff, so it’s sick man.

The success that Bloodline have enjoyed over the last few years is a definite sign of the progression each of you has made as individual MC’s, so the group as a whole is only bound to garner more attention, wouldn’t you agree?

Milli: Definitely man. We come from the pirate radio days. I wasn’t in Meridian, I was in Cold Blooded during pirate radio times, but to come from those times to now and still be relevant is not easy and not many groups have managed to do it succesfully.

When and where can people next catch you live?

Milli: Well my next show is in the Czech Republic in September and I’m looking forward to going back over there. Meridian Dan’s got a few shows up and down the country where you might catch special appearances from myself and some of the other Bloodline members. But the best thing I can say is that for anyone that wants to know where they can catch me next, follow me on Twitter and keep an eye out cos I’m always promoting shows on there.

You can grab your copy of Bloods Thicker Than Water on iTunes here and you’ll also be able to catch Milli Major on the Gigslutz Urban radio show over on Hoxton Radio, which will be airing live on Thursday 13th August.

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Urban Music Editor
With grime and hip hop being major influences on him growing up in South East London, Matt's passion is urban music but over the years he has gathered a hugely diverse taste, ranging from Wiley to The Smiths by way of Machine Head, that has made him a very open minded individual.
Matt Tarr