LE JUNK Releases debut! ‘Rich Romance’

LE JUNK releases his debut electro-rock pop banger ahead of performing as part of Balcony Online Music Festival tomorrow, to raise funds for the Music Venue Trust’s ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign.

An infectious thumping groove sets the pace for this electro-rock banger – pulsating disco drums are unleashed beneath a pumping wave of oscillating synthesisers amongst disco keys and sleazy surf driven guitars.

Elusive and fierce all at once, ‘Rich Romance’ is inspired by a politicised personal experience of London’s wave of gentrification moving into the area and absorbing art spaces in East London. While referencing Shania Twain and hinting at a disdain for their lack of musical refinement.

‘The idea of the track is about how the world is often setup to make way for the rich at the expense of the rest. It was loosely based on the transformation of Hackney Wick in East London after I witnessed our old music and art studio warehouse turn into a luxury apartment block.’.

The new project evolves from a passion for messing around with a bass and drum-machine, progressing to a styling and shaping of tracks in his home studio. The track hints at the sound of artists from ESG, Peaches or Les Rhythmes Digitales.

He plays Balcony Online Festival tomorrow at 2pm, you can tune-in here