LIVE: The Coral, Manchester Academy, 17.12.16

I’ve ended up seeing The Coral four times this year. Unintentionally, perhaps, but I’m by no means complaining; every time has been fantastic.

What I’ve also noticed is that while various people who I’ve seen them with claim to only know a couple of songs, they find themselves singing along to most of the set. And that’s just it with The Coral: they’re infectious.

And so, seeing them play Manchester Academy was the best way to end a year of gigs and festivals. Despite being the youngest in the venue by a longshot, and one of a surprisingly small number of women – something which, at most gigs, would make me feel a little uneasy – the atmosphere was anything but nasty. As The Coral played through a set that spanned from the first song they ever released (‘Shadows Fall’) to ‘Chasing The Tail Of A Dream’ from this year’s Distance Inbetween, the crowd could do nothing but dance (and sing, of course).

Though quiet between songs, The Coral are born entertainers – 15 years since the release of ‘Shadows Fall’ and they still play with unmatched energy, something which pays off and is mirrored equally in the energy of the crowd.

Finishing up with ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Dreaming of You’ – as standard, but we couldn’t wish for anything different – The Coral ended a year of live music (the only thing that’s kept us going through such a dreadful year) wonderfully.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa, 22. Editor. Student, music journalist, probably talking about Blur or Bowie