Pan Amsterdam to release new track ‘Hannibal Lecture’ ft. Sleaford Mods Jason Williamson

Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson guests on a new track by New York hip-hop artist Pan Amsterdam that’s released tomorrow (September 16). 

Williamson, who has previously guested on songs by Baxter Dury, Prodigy and International Teachers of Pop, first hooked up with the producer when they were both interviewed on Iggy Pop’s show on BBC6 Music and the pair struck up a friendship. 

Their collaboration, humorously titled ‘Hannibal Lecture’, is released on vinyl, Cd and digital by the Def Pressé label.  It opens with Williamson on typical form, declaring not long into the song “I got more raps than a whizz dealer” over wonky piano samples and dusty beats produced by Jimi Goodwin, bassist, singer and guitarist with Doves.

Amsterdam, who tours with Iggy Pop’s band as lead trumpeter, follows the single with a new album, ‘HA Chu’, on October 2.